Wednesday, December 9, 2020

How the Six People You Spend the Most Time With Affect Your Life

Who Do You Spend Most of Your Time With?

I never really thought about that.  What television shows do I watch?

What books do I read?  What books do you read?

What difference does it make when we start and end our day with prayer and meditation?

These are all "people" who affect how we think and how we proceed through the day.

Consider the following and how they propel you forward, or hold you back:

Television... which programs

.  Family... positive relationships  

.  Friends...uplifting

.  Colleagues....similar goals, visions

.  Books, CD's, DVD's...inspirational, educational 

.  Exercise and Spiritual Coaches ... strengthening

 It's important to choose how and with whom we  spend our time.

On the other side, do we make a positive impact on others?

Six and more contacts can change the world! 

Are you open to joining a team of enthusiastic, positive people committed to a healthy lifestyle and building another stream of income part time or full time?  

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