Saturday, February 25, 2023

Avoid Nasty Diseases with Essential Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Did you know that research has linked oral health problems such as periodontal or gum disease to many health conditions, including diabetes, heart and kidney disease, Alzheimer's, asthma, osteoporosis, and cancer?

So, How Can You Avoid Contracting Those Diseases Through Better Dental Hygiene? 

1.  Brushing - twice a day - and daily flossing keeps bad bacteria away.

2.  Choose an advanced toothpaste formulated to give you a brighter smile and healthier gums: 

Health Benefits

  • Features ADP-1, a postbiotic that attracts impurities for a deeper clean
  • Scientifically proven to whiten teeth
  • Formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E oil
  • Fluoride-free
  • Contains menthol for fresh breath
  • Contains naturally-derived ingredients
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours

See why USANA’s advanced two-step oral care system should be your new nighttime routine:

3.  Quit Smoking

4.  Limit sugary foods and drinks that can promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

5. Eat a healthy diet fortified with nutritional supplements of important vitamins and minerals to strengthen your teeth and gums.

6. Stay Hydrated:  Drinking plenty of water can help wash away food particles and bacteria in your mouth.

7.  Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings that can help prevent gum disease and other oral health problems. 

How Your Complex Oral Microbiome Impacts Health.....

Deanna Waters, Sanoviv Certified Nutrition Advisor email:


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