Monday, January 20, 2020

What are the strategies to multiply positive sales results, with many leaders working together on common goals?

How Group Leadership Multiplies Results

One Leader Can Generate Good Results. Many Leaders Working Together Can Create Massive Results.

This has been happening in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the past 25 years, with a unique group of leaders in the network marketing industry.

What Are Their Secrets and Strategies?

Determine your group goals, immediate and long term. To create city wide events to generate interest in the company, attract more customers and Associates, and provide training, with the ultimate result of happy customers, productive business Associates and increased sales and income for all those participating.

Divide up the Workload. For weekly events, determine which leaders will host each week, involving their own team leaders. Who will be in charge of greeters, registration table, display table, audio/visual presentations.

Establish a Budget. Open a Bank Account. Who has signing authority? What are the ongoing costs? What to charge for events. Appoint one person to keep track of the finances, others with signing authority. What will the corporate office provide for events, such as room rentals, costs for guest speakers, prizes?

Hold monthly meetings to discuss finances, upcoming events, who is in charge of what events, getting guest speakers and give aways?

Plan for Recognition Announcements and Prizes at all Levels. 

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