Wednesday, December 9, 2020

How the Six People You Spend the Most Time With Affect Your Life

Who Do You Spend Most of Your Time With?

I never really thought about that.  What television shows do I watch?

What books do I read?  

What difference does it make when I start and end my day with prayer and meditation?

These are all "people" who affect how I think and how I proceed through the day.

Consider the following and how they propel me, and you, forward, or hold us back:

Television... which programs

.  Family... positive relationships  

.  Friends...uplifting

.  Colleagues....similar goals, visions

.  Books, CD's, DVD's...inspirational, educational 

.  Exercise and Spiritual Coaches ... strengthening

 It's important to choose how and with whom we  spend our time.

On the other side, do we make a positive impact on others?

Six and more contacts can change the world!