Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jane Goodall Teaches Us About Aging With Purpose

This past year, I have been struggling with the issue of aging.  

When do I move aside and let those younger than me take over with some of what I do?

Do I have relevance anymore?

How do I continue to move forward with my passion to wake people up to what is going on in the environment and how important it is to be proactive about their health?

And equally important, how do I help people understand the importance of creating extra streams of residual income, to prepare for their later years, or to add those extras to life at present for their families?  What about having more income to support relevant charities and places of faith?

Enter an article in Reader's Digest, February 2016, page 50 with Jane Goodall, age 81, world famous primatologist, author, and Founder of Roots and Shoots.

Question:  How much does your passion for your work have to do with aging well?

Jane's answer:  "It's the other way around: aging well has to do with having passion.  I just read a survey of people over 80, and they found overwhelming proof that those with a passion stayed healthy and fit and driven.  The others just succumbed because there was no reason not to.  They weren't sick, just old.  They succumbed to oldness."

That statement inspires me to continue working out at the gym.  When a person is fit, they have more energy to pursue their dreams and to make a difference.

Gathering with friends over a meal solidifies love and acceptance, so important for a person's health and positive mindset.

Attending large corporate events keeps a person's mind engaged and active.  This International Convention for USANA Health Sciences spurs on my resolve to spread the need for optimal nutritional supplementation.  And for those who understand the power of working together for everyone's benefit, to open people's eyes to greater economic options.

Whether this message is for you, or someone you know who is struggling with their advancing age, take the advice of Jane Goodall and don't succumb to oldness!  You are relevant.  You have much wisdom to share!  You are still young, whatever your age.   Every day counts.  Life is too short to waste it on meaningless activities or nothingness.  Make your life count.

Deanna Waters  I care about you!  You are awesome!

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