Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Osteoarthritis Symptoms Improve with Regular Walking & Glucosamine Supplements

 moderate hip or knee osteoarthritis, walking a minimum of 3,000 steps ( 30 )   The results of a clinical trial published in Arthritis Research and Therapy suggest that supplementing with glucosamine and taking regular walks (about 3000 steps or 30 minutes, at least 3 days per week) can improve pain, physical function, and overall activity levels in adults with mild to moderate knee or hip osteoarthritis.

Subjects included 36 inactive middle-aged adults that were treated with 1500 mg of glucosamine per day for 6 weeks, followed by a walking program of either 3 or 5 days per week (glucosamine supplementation continued). Physical activity levels, physical function, and pain assessment scores improved during the first 6 weeks of the study. Between the start of the walking program (week 6) and the final follow-up (week 24), further improvements were seen, though most improvements happened between weeks 6 and 12. No significant differences were observed between participants who participated in the 3 and 5 day per week programs.

Note:  Information courtesy of USANA Health Sciences, June 15, 2016

From Deanna Waters:  I have found this study to be true in my own case.  The combination of regular walking at least 3 days a week, and daily intake of glucosamine has made a great difference for me, ongoing over the past two years.  I also do a variety of other exercises at the gym.

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