Monday, February 20, 2023

Important Tips to Improve Your Vision

Through many years of wearing Contact Lenses and Bifocals, I discovered a number of ways to take care of my vision.  Read through for the ultimate answer,  for me,  to not need glasses or contact lenses anymore.

1.  Get regular eye exams.  Regular eye exams are important for detecting any eye problems and correcting your vision with the appropriate prescription glasses or contact lenses.

2.  Eat a healthy diet.  Include fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in vitamins A, C and E, to help improve your vision.  To be assured of the full array of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, add USANA's Nutitrional supplements for all ages.

3.  Practice good eye hygiene.  Wash your hands frequently.  Avoid rubbing your eyes.  Remove makeup before going to bed. 

4.  Exercise regularly.  This can improve blood flow to your eyes, reducing the risk of eye diseases.

5.  Wear protective eyewear to prevent eye injuries.  This is especially important if you are in a job with hazardous materials and wear small objects that can be flying.

6.  Take breaks when using screens.  Staring at a computer or phone screen for long periods can cause eye strain and dry eyes.  Look away from the screen every 20 minutes.  I find it is even better to get up and walk away from the screens.

7.  Get enough sleep, which is important for overall health, including the eyes.  Lack of sleep can cause eye fatigue and dry eyes.  Don't force your eyes to read regular print just as you wake up.  Give them time to adjust.

8.  Wear sunglassesWhether you’re hiking, biking, or hitting the pool, your outdoor lifestyle is likely affecting your retinas, but a good pair of sunglasses can only go so far.

9.  Add Visionex every day.   Give the delicate tissues of your eyes the protection they deserve with USANA’s advanced antioxidant eye-health supplement, designed to support long-term vision, with increased levels of Lutein.  This made a difference in my vision.  Remember that it takes time for the cells to regenerate.  Everyone is different, so give this
product time to make a difference to your vision.

Health Benefits

  • Protects the delicate tissues of the eye from photo-oxidation with an antioxidant formula
  • Supports eye health in conditions associated with sunlight damage, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration
  • Protects the retina with lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract
  • Helps with connective tissue formation and in the maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums
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