Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Can You Really Live Well on Government or Company Retirement Plans?

In a recent Winnipeg Free Press editorial, it was estimated that 62% of Canadians do not have an income from a company retirement plan. Why? Well, one reason is that many companies don't offer that anymore, or at least not for part time staff. The other, is that people change jobs every 7 years or so, canceling any accrued value for a retirement package. And it is almost impossible to live comfortably at all on government stipends.

Obviously, people need to plan ahead for retirement with investments, savings, paying off debt, real estate investments and so on. However, one of the fastest ways to add income at any age is through residual income earned through a team effort. I discovered that 23 years ago, by representing a world renowned health and wellness company, and helping others do the same. The extra income can be invested, spread to charities, provide help for your family, and be enjoyed during the retirement years. Now there is more time and freedom to enjoy those later years.

Does it take dedication and commitment to create that residual income? Yes. Do you need to choose the company your represent carefully? Yes! If it is the health field, then check out the ongoing level of science, the guarantees, the third party assessments. 

You can start here: www.ddwaters.com Deanna www.deannawatersbook.com 
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