Monday, October 9, 2017

See How Laughter is Mega Important For Your Health

Did you know that laughing 100 times is equivalent to 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike? And, the average person laughs about 17 times per day?

Laughter helps reduce stress by increasing blood flow throughout the body, boosts the immune system, increases the threshold for pain, and even assists in better breathing. With a seemingly unending list of positive side effects, it's hard to deny the importance of laughter in life.

Do your body and mind some good and get plenty of laughter. And better yet, laugh with someone else.

Thanks to Ask the Scientists - Health and Science Education USANA 

From Deanna:   Apparently children laugh out loud throughout the day, whereas adults just chuckle....we need to get a good belly laugh in at every opportunity....even by ourselves, just make yourself laugh out loud until you feel it deep inside!

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