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Dare to Dream. How Simple Changes Can Change Your Life.

Originally posted November 18, 2014

Deanna and Dave Waters:  Entrepreneurship offers greater options for health and freedom.
Deanna and Dave Waters: Entrepreneurship offers greater options for health and freedom.
What would you do with more income, more energy and a more flexible schedule? Dream a little with me.  Would you take your family to Europe or on a cruise?  Volunteer more?  Give more? Maybe climb Mount Kilimanjaro?  Hire a personal trainer?  How about weekly visits to a spa or a massage therapist? Purchase special health treatments or equipment for a family member?
Many people never seem to have enough money for the extras, like private schooling for the family, sports tickets, braces for the kids, or traveling to fascinating places.
However, when you take the simple change to create other streams of income beyond your job,  you can earn or win your way to new experiences. New doors are waiting to be opened.  How serious are you to make changes in your life and to help others?
We look back with amazement at seven phenomenal cruises, a free week for two at the Sanoviv Medical Center, business trips to the United Kingdom, Hawaii, the Netherlands and Mexico, plus charitable outreaches with the Children’s Hunger Fund to Uganda and Peru.
All this was possible through diligently developing our own home-based business, with residual income, planning for the future.
In fact, these were all impossible dreams that came true once we opened our minds to new doors of opportunity through entrepreneurship and relationship marketing.
Did it take consistent effort to experience those amazing opportunities? Yes, along with constant learning, patience and faith through the difficult times and celebration with others for the good times, making it the best career choice of our lives.
How about you?
In our case, we chose to represent a company in the field of nutritional science, which lead to improved health for ourselves and for those who also caught the vision to empower and protect their cells.  Add powerful nutritional supplements, all natural skin and body care products, plus nutritional shakes and bars to keep weight in check, and you have an amazing new life in front of you.
This has been the most fulfilling career of our lives, to truly make a profound difference in the lives of others.  However, the most difficult part of entrepreneurship is to see people struggling with their health or finances, and they are not open to other options.  We’ve seen so many people suffer and even die, without giving optimal nutrition a priority in their lives.  That hurts.
In fact, it makes me more determined to be a better communicator and to be more persistent in understanding and serving others.
Are you serious about making changes in your life?  Do you care enough about other people to take the rejection along with the joy of helping them find new paths to health and freedom?  We can all change lives for the better and give people more options for their time, finances and health.
It all comes back to the question, “How serious are you?”
Please contact me to explore new doors of opportunity.

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