Sunday, February 7, 2016

How An Extra 20 Pounds Affects Your Mind, Heart and Energy

Originally posted October 24, 2014

The more weight you carry, the harder your heart has to work, the more stress there will be on your joints and your breathing is challenged too.  This affects your energy and how much you can accomplish in a day.
My personal trainer put a 10 pound vest and 5 pound ankle weights on me for the morning workout. Do that yourself to see how the extra weight changes your workout in the gym or at home.  Just walking, you’ll notice the difference. Imagine carrying that extra weight around all day and then consider how that affects your energy level, mental clarity, stamina and your business.
You’ll become more convinced to watch your food choices, portions and exercise regime. The problem is not even so much being overweight or obese, the problem is inactivity. Even 30 minutes a day of gentle activity, like taking a break from your desk to walk outdoors, can make a difference to your mental clarity and possibly even to your longevity.
My trainer added those weights to burn more calories and to make me stronger.  He also wanted to emphasize that I shouldn’t eat too much or exercise too little.
I found the squats, the forward/sideways lunges, the treadmill, the box steps and bike, all required greater balance, increased breathing and more intensity from me.
It was a joy to take off the weights and try the exercises without them.   Could you lose a few extra pounds? Could you go for daily walks? You can do it!
I highly recommend the 5 Day RESET program to help you lose weight, reduce your carb cravings and reset your metabolism. Nutritious and delicious gluten-free, low glycemic shakes and bars for meals and snacks, plus your Health Pack supplements.  Then ask me about the Transform phase to continue the program until you reach your ideal weight.
How do you keep your weight in check?  I’d love to hear your comments.

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