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#Jim Rohn: Your Life Gets Better By Change, Not Chance

Originally Posted October 17, 2014

Make Great Things Happen!
The more you are willing to change, to learn, to apply new thinking, the better your life can become.   In fact, it can make the difference between abundance and bankruptcy, both financially and psychologically.
Over 19 years ago, I discovered there is a solution for greater financial freedom, and even freedom from bosses, set work hours, employees and glass ceilings.  I had reached success in many areas in the corporate world, but with it came longer working hours, a ceiling on my income, pressures of every sort.  I finally realized that I had to open my mind to being more imaginative about how I created income.
How did I do that?  Through entrepreneurship.  Are you ready for this leap?
Entrepreneurship can sound scarey, but it was actually freeing.  Like me, millions around the world have discovered the power of referral marketing. You do it every day, but you don’t always get paid for it. You refer people to good restaurants, hair salons, financial planners, car dealerships. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a commission for doing that? That is what referral marketing, or network marketing, does for you. A company pays you for the product sales that result from referring the products and the marketing opportunity to others.
Referral marketing is one of the most popular ways around the globe to create extra streams of income, to pay off debts and to experience greater financial independence.  In this industry, you move forward by helping others benefit from the products and from helping others who choose to become entrepreneurs.
  1. Be inspired with a big “why”. What are the costs to you if you don’t take the initiative to explore new opportunities? If you keep doing what you are doing, will anything change? If nothing changes, could you lose your house? Could your kids miss out on a university education or the chance to develop their talents? Would your retirement years be limited? Would your health and relationships suffer?
    2.  Pay yourself first.  Put 10% of your monthly earnings into a savings or investment program.  This can be your safety cushion, but also can pay big dividends over the years when you don’t dip into it.
  1. Team up with successful people. Follow their system. Top network marketing companies provide a ready-made system to follow, with all the marketing materials, online assistance and training tools. Also, the person who introduces you to the company is there to support you, so just follow the system built by successful people. Duplication and simplicity bring greater results. Who are some successful people you know, or authors you admire who have developed strategies for success?
  1. Be a constant learner.  Be open to change.  The more you grow personally and develop your skills, the faster your income with grow. What are your plans for personal growth?
  1. Take action. While it is important to set written goals and plans, you must take daily action steps and follow up with your contacts. You’ve heard it before: the fortune is in the follow up. So, what is your system? Who will you follow up on today?
  1. Balance your life with play, persistence, patience, passion and prayer. What areas do you need to add for greater balance?
  1. Be thankful, whatever the outcome. Gratitude spills over into every area of your life and attracts good people to you. As you walk in praise and thanksgiving, your troubles will seem smaller and you’ll be amazed at how many answers will come your way.
What changes are you currently doing to make your life better?
Who are the people who encourage you and bring you positive energy?
Please leave your comments below.   I’d love to hear from you!
Deanna Waters  Here’s the change that has earned me millions!  Is it time for big changes that can bring greater financial freedom to your life?

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