Sunday, February 7, 2016

Your Success in Business is Determined by the Six Most Influencial People in Your Life

Originally posted October 17, 2013

Since a positive mindset is so important for success in business, it is important  to examine the kinds of daily messages coming into your thought life.
In fact, according to John Maxwell, famous author and speaker, the six people you spend the most time with will determine your income, your daily attitude and your satisfaction with life.
On thinking about this, I realize this is a bigger statement than just the people you relate with physically, especially if you work from home.  There are days when I might be working on a blog post or video and not relate to anyone else at all.  However, there are still six people who influence me.

1.  God.  My faith.  A person’s spiritual life is perhaps the most influencial ingredient for progress in all areas.  Daily meditation, prayer, praise and Bible reading keep my mind aware of a greater power working in my life.  The conversation is two-way, resulting in more power and clarity for the day, and in fact, throughout the day with continual “tuning in”.
2.  Positive e-mail messages.   Register for positive messages from your favorite authors and speakers.  John Maxwell has a word for the day.  Leaders in my business also offer daily inspiration.  Choose your inbox influencers carefully to feed your mind with powerful, positive and empowering messages.
3.  Social Media.  Your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest colleagues can provide daily inspiration, or they can pull you down.  I ignore, hide or “unfriend” people who post negative political messages.  Be the one who posts inspiring messages and videos.
4.  Family.  Does your family support your goals and daily activities?  Your spouse, children, siblings and even the extended family can undermine or support your efforts.  Keep them informed of your plans and include them where you can so that they feel part of the process in achieving something greater in life.
5.  Business Colleagues.  Surround yourself with positive leaders who are committed to personal growth and leadership.  As you pass on what you are currently learning and applying, you will inspire others to move forward as well, which in turn encourages you.
6.  Health and Fitness Friends.  Your personal health and fitness daily journey has such a strong impact on your business success.  Partner up with people who have your same goals in these areas.  I find that personal trainers and others in the gym inspire me to keep working out.  Friends who choose their foods carefully and who supplement at optimal levels also keep me on track.
Choose your six influencial people carefully and be one of those people who helps propel others forward in their lives as well.  Have I left out a category?  Who makes a decided difference in your life?   I’d love to hear from you!

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