Sunday, February 7, 2016

5 Ways to Avoid or Flee the Flu

Originally posted November 27, 2014

Bad colds and flues are are no fun at all.  They cost time and money… and you don’t even feel like watching the latest episodes of Survivor or Voice….or reading a good book.
So, short of hibernating, how can you arm yourself and your family to stay well during the winter months?
Exercise builds your immune system and gives you energy.
1.  Sleep and nap more.  Your immune system loves a sound sleep, where your metabolic processes are stabilized. Many restorative functions in the body occur almost entirely during sleep, including tissue repair, muscle growth, and protein synthesis and maintenance of brain function.
Adequate amounts of sleep are necessary for a healthy immune system to fight off colds and flues.  As a compound that promotes sleep,melatonin may help in keeping your immune system functioning normally, while restoring your body after daily exposure to free radicals and general wear and tear.
2.  When you feel a flu coming on,  don’t go into “starvation mode” because you don’t feel like eating.  Instead, fortify your system with optimal vitamins and minerals to fight off foreign bacteria and viruses.
In addition to adding foods rich in vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D to your diet, like broccoli, whole eggs, fruit, sweet potatoes and almonds, add powerful supplements.
I have seldom had a cold or flu for the past 19 years, while taking the USANA Essentials, an optimal spectrum of the necessary vitamins and minerals adults need every day for optimal health and energy levels.  Teens would take the Body Rox and kids 12 and under the Usanimals.
3.  Fortify your immune system with ProBiotics for your gut.  More immune cells are concentrated in the gut than in any other region of the body.  ProBiotics can help strengthen your natural defences by modulating the cellular immune response and maintaining a natural balance of beneficial microflora.
4. Wash your hands well regularly and avoid hand sanitizer.
I remember Dr. Myron Wentz, PhD, Immunology and Microbiology, warning us about the various hand sanitizers that are actually harmful for the immune system.  Avoid contact with door knobs, stair railings and other places where many people make contact, and then wash your hands regularly.
5. Drink plenty of water.  When you get dehydrated, you are more susceptible to colds and flues, so carry a bottle of water with you and drink from it regularly.  Water flushes out toxins and builds your immune system, so keep filling up your bottle throughout the day.
That’s a great start for warding off sickness.  Please add any of your ideas to help others stay healthy too.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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