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How to Fortify Your Bone Density to Avoid #Osteoporosis

Originally posted June 4, 2014

Why do we assume that our bones are healthy and strong?  I’ve thought that for years.  I’ve never had a fracture or anything that signals that my bones are losing their density, or becoming more porous.  That’s because it doesn’t actually hurt when your bones get weaker.  It’s a “Silent” disease.
I had a wake-up call over the past few years when I took a bone density test and realized I was on the very low side.  How could that be?  I exercised regularly under the supervision of a personal trainer, so weight training was a major part of the session.  I also drank milk, and ate salads regularly and I even ate broccoli fairly regularly.
However, when I looked at this chart, I realized that I needed to do more research and be more diligent with my food choices.  I never, ever ate Bok Choy, mustard greens, or very seldom flax and sesame seeds.  Spinach was included in a salad every couple of weeks and I enjoyed a handful of almonds once or twice a week.  Collards and Kale are other great sources not on my list.  Hmmmmm.  How serious was I really, about building strong bones?   How serious are you?
Why is Calcium such a big deal?  In addition to maintaining healthy bones, your body uses calcium for blood clotting, nerve conduction, cell division and other functions like producing and activating enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy and fat metabolism.  Wow.  in fact if your body isn’t getting enough calcium in your diet, it will pull the calcium from your bones.  There’s a thief in the house!
People generally think that calcium is the main ingredient for healthy bones so they drink milk, which can also be high in saturated fat.  But leafy green vegetables are also packed with calcium and other important nutrients.
Then certain kinds of fish are good sources for calcium, like canned sardines and salmon.  Various breakfast cereals and juices are also fortified with calcium.
So if Kale and Collards aren’t your favorite dietary sources, be sure to fortify with these products from USANA Health Sciences:  USANA’s Active Calcium or Active Calcium Chewable.
I love these products because I know that what I am eating every day can’t possibly be giving me all the calcium and other nutrients I need for healthy bones.  In fact, this formulation also packs in plenty of vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption in the small intestine and calcium utilization in bone formation.  Vitamin D also influences the utilization of phosphorus, another mineral that is important for strong bones.
Magnesium is included because it plays an important part in neuromuscular contractions, and in the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids.  It is also helpful in neutralizing free radicals, and the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.  Who knew all of this?  I didn’t.
Silicon is essential for proper calcium utilization and it is key for the calcium mineralization of the bone matrix.
The calcium and magnesium compounds in Active Calcium Chewable neutralize stomach acids, thereby eliminating heartburn, while also supplying balanced amounts of the nutrients needed to support strong, healthy bones.  i love to take two chewable calciums at bedtime to help me relax and have a better sleep.
So, if this has helped you understand the utmost importance of doing everything you can to keep your bones strong and healthy for life, you will avoid Osteoporosis….and then check out how to avoid the other  Silent Diseases  

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