Sunday, February 7, 2016

What key practices ignite and Influence Unlimited Success?

Originally posted May 18, 2015

Heather dancing
Read the bios of top leaders in any field, and you’ll find two key practices that transform and create the foundation for success.

Whether you have an intense desire to reach excellence in a sport, dance, business, music, teaching, health or whatever field of endeavor, it takes constant devotion to learning and improving your skills and mindset.
We’ve seen this truth unfold with Heather, just turning age 14.  Like all young people, she started out at age 4 with enthusiasm, but her skills were tentative, awkward at times and less than perfect.  If you have attended a kindergarten class performance, you know what I mean!
But she absolutely loved to dance, so she persevered through the years with up to eleven hours of classes a week.  Her teachers and parents encouraged her to believe in herself and to continue the journey for greater excellence.   Now she has the grace and beauty of a blossoming ballerina.
What can you and I achieve over the next ten years if we persevere and improve with mentorships, coaching and self improvement of many kinds?
The future is unlimited!  During my past 20 years as an entrepreneur, working from home, I realized quickly that I needed personal coaching, mentoring and courses to increase my skills and leadership capabilities.  Just relying on my past achievements in the corporate world was never going to take me to the higher levels as an entrepreneur.
I attended local events, corporate international events, tuned into webinars, took courses and read many books.  And I am still doing that!
People like Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success magazine has free daily insights to push us all forward.  Robert T. Kiyosaki, Simon W. Chan, Peter Rugg, MD, John C. Maxwell, Eric Worre and many more leaders, have inspired me to continue to grow and improve as I seek to make a difference in the lives of others.
There is always more to learn and to share.  The key is to engage in perfect practice over and over again….and then to pass that knowledge on to those who are also hungry to learn and improve.
You have unlimited possibilities ahead!
Deanna Waters, committed to your success

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