Sunday, February 7, 2016

Your Road to Realized Dreams Begins with a “Yes”

Originally posted April 9, 2014

Deanna and Dave Waters: Build your business while traveling or from the comfort of your home
If you have a bigger vision for your life than what you are presently experiencing, this message is for you.   If you understand the power and importance of developing multiple streams of income, you’ll find major ideas to transform and enrich your life in amazing ways.
Whatever your age or gender, whatever your challenges, whatever the opportunities placed in front of you, the answer to whether you can be more successful is “yes”.  You can overcome obstacles, learn new skills, be more productive, help more people, and enjoy the thrill of accomplishing more than you ever dreamed possible.  Yes, you can take the ceiling off your dreams, andyou can start today!
You may be a successful business person or professional, a trades person, a store owner, a university student, a caregiver, an employee wanting to move ahead in a bigger way, a retiree, a young adult just starting your career, or a parent who would like to work from home in order to spend more time with your children.
Success comes with being “on purpose” with a positive attitude and the belief that you are worthy and capable of achieving more, being more, having more and giving more.
You can make excuses, or you can make a difference.   So, no more excuses! You can choose to see the negative in a situation or you can choose to see an opportunity to learn and to benefit in some way.  You can waste precious time, or you can sacrifice for greater rewards.  It’s your choice.
When an insurance agent introduced my husband and I to referral marketing and the direct sales industry in nutritional science, we were both suffering with health issues, which led us to exploring natural products to feel and look better.  We especially appreciated the dedication to scientific research and development at the company we eventually chose.  The business plan was revolutionary, so the decision to move forward in a dynamic way was absolute.
Also, the luxury of having a successful home based business was mandatory. We were tired of working within the confines of set salaries, answering to bosses, patching up rusted cars, working long hours away from one another, and wishing we could do more for our daughters and others.  
Can you relate to some of these frustrations?  How serious are you about making positive changes in your life?  Are you ready to experience a whole new world of time and financial freedom where you can truly contribute to the lives of others?
All of this can be accomplished in the small pockets of time sprinkled throughout your day.  Eventually, you might even choose to work from home full time (or while traveling or at the beach).
As we share some of what we have learned on this incredible journey, we hope the content will inspire and help you to adapt it for your own personality and circumstances to reach your goals.  The learning never stops, which makes this adventure so wonderfully rewarding.  
Make a decision today to say “yes” to entrepreneurial opportunities, multiple streams of income and an exciting new way of life.  You can do it!

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