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Retirement. Why You Can’t Live Well on Government or Company Retirement Plans

Originally Posted November 13, 2014

Deanna and David Waters promote healthy and fulfilling retirement years.
Can you really live comfortably on what the government or your company retirement plans provide at age 65 and beyond? It can be quite a shock when you crunch the numbers.
Many seniors are living at the poverty level, or they can no longer afford to travel to visit their children, or to take vacations like they once did.   The stock market has knocked out many of their retirement savings plans, leaving some bankrupt.  Add to this, the possibility of costly health challenges, also limiting their earning capacity into the later years.
Governments are realizing that as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement, the social security system may be in trouble. That’s why it’s important to have other streams of income, savings and investments of your own.
When we graduated from university, we fully expected to retire rich at age 50.  Why not?  We were smart and creative. However, we didn’t anticipate family expenses, house and car upkeep, braces for the children, private schooling and so on.   That was all with two paychecks coming in, but since I was hired away to other management positions through the years, I gave up any hope of a corporate retirement plan.  Dave has one, but it is nothing like what he earned as a National Television Producer/Director.
Then, retirement came early for Dave when the corporation eliminated his main television program.  That’s when our insurance agent introduced us to entrepreneurship through direct sales.  The thought of working from home with the tax benefits that brings, plus the prospect of residual, ongoing income for years to come, and the chance to truly impact the lives of others, really caught our attention.  No more driving in rush hour traffic.  No more early morning meetings.  No ceilings on our incomes.  Greater hope for those worry-free retirement years.
Fourteen months after Dave accepted his very early retirement package, I was able to leave my job as well, since our home-based business income surpassed what we had earned together full time.
Imagine!   In only 14 months we earned more in a year than our yearly incomes combined, after a lifetime of working in traditional management careers.  Mind you, we chose the right vehicle and worked hard at it.
Plan ahead, whether you are 20, 35, 45, 67 or older.  There is life beyond the corporate world and government pension plans. It’s never too soon or too late to take control of your present and your future income.  Check out the company, USANA Health Sciences, we have represented successfully for well over 19 years.
What steps are you taking to plan for your retirement, at whatever age?
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I’d like to invite you to explore the freedom and potential for residual, retirement-kind of income in the direct sales and networking industry.  Please leave your comments below….and contact me with your questions:

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